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Boulder River Watershed Association

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The Boulder River originates in the Absaroka Mountain Range near Sheepherder & Monument Peaks and flows nearly 70 miles north to the confluence with the Yellowstone River near Big Timber, Montana.The confluence site is the historic "Rivers Across" as recorded by the Lewis & Clark Exploration, which camped there more than 200 years ago. They were noting their camp site on the Yellowstone, had two rivers joining across from one another. One being the Big Timber Creek and the other the Boulder River. Major tributaries to the Boulder River include the West Boulder River and the East Boulder River, which both join the main river, about a mile a part from each other, just south of the town of McLeod. The Boulder River drainage flows from south to north and begins near the border of Yellowstone Park at the south, originating at altitudes of nearly 11,000 feet. As the river flows north, it drops over a mile in elevation by the time it travels to the Natural Bridge area about 25 miles south of Big Timber and halfway through it's navigational flow.


Boulder River Watershed Association


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Dan Rostad, Coordinator