Northeast Avalon Atlantic Coastal Action Program (ACAP) (NAACAP)

Presentation of the Organization

NAACAP is an environmental non-government organization that works with all sectors of the community, to protect and enhance the aquatic environmental quality of the watersheds and coastline of the Northeast Avalon region: an area from Cape St. Francis south to a line that runs from Holyrood to Witless Bay.

NAACAP works to protect and maintain the waterways of the region by planting trees, organizing clean-ups, developing management plans, organizing guided walks, testing water quality and waste-water effluent, monitoring rivers, surveying wetlands, promoting healthy rivers and coastlines, speaking on water issues, promoting pesticide awareness, monitoring fish stocks, promoting water conservation, and working in partnership with the community through the local volunteers.


Northeast Avalon Atlantic Coastal Action Program (ACAP)

P.O. Box 8732

St. John?s, Newfoundland Labrador

A1B 3T1


Phone: 709-726-9673



Resource Person(s)

Myron King, Office and Outreach Coordinator

Hope Bennett, President