Red Centroamericana de Manejo de Recursos Hídricos (CARA)

Presentation of the Organization

CARA is a water resource training network focusing on building local capacity to improve the management and protection of Central American water resources. Local capacity is built through high caliber M.Sc. programs, short courses, workshops, field practicum and applied research projects at each of the member universities. The CARA Network promotes a philosophy of partnerships and collaborations of water resource organizations from universities, governments, the private sector, non governmental organizations and international funding agencies.


Red Centroamericana de Manejo de Recursos Hídricos (CARA)

Faculty of Science ES 1040 University of Calgary 2500 University Drive N.W.

Calgary, Alberta

T2N 1N4


Phone: Tel: (403) 220-8029



Resource Person(s)

David Bethune, Canadian Coordinator