Alberta WaterSMART

Presentation of the Organization

Alberta WaterSMART is a Calgary based fee for service company committed to improving water management in Alberta. Identifying key issues in water management, bringing together the right people to solve the issues and providing the solutions make Alberta WaterSMART a leader in the field.

Alberta WaterSMART is a niche strategic and engineering consulting company with deep domain expertise and understanding of water in Alberta supported by robust technical skills. Alberta WaterSMART provides a unique combination of in-house integrated water management expertise, with access to a diverse external network of global and local leaders in the field. This powerful formula allows Alberta WaterSMART to identify, develop and execute water related strategies and projects for its clients and partners spanning from strategic assessment and facilitation, to policy response and awareness, to technical solution development and application. Alberta WaterSMART is an effective catalyst and champion for positive change.


Alberta WaterSMART

#200, 3512 - 33 Street NW

Calgary, Alberta

T2L 2A6


Phone: 403-210-5278

Fax: 403-210-5393