Missisquoi River Basin Association

Presentation of the Organization

The Missisquoi River Basin Association (MRBA) is an active non-profit group of volunteers dedicated to the restoration of the river, its tributaries, and Missisquoi Bay, and to the clean, healthy state they once enjoyed. We bring together diverse interest groups within the community - teachers, farmers, summer residents, loggers, business owners, environmental experts, and outdoor enthusiasts; municipal officers, woodland owners, and concerned citizens.

Their activities are many and varied from fieldwork to stabilize stream banks, and planting trees in buffer areas, to assessing stream bank conditions. They clean up trash along the banks, cost-share with farmers in a nutrient management program, lend educational tools to local teachers, and are launching a volunteer-led water sampling program.


Missisquoi River Basin Association

2839 VT Route 105  

East Berkshire, VT


United States of America

E-mail: mrba@pshift.com

Website: http://www.troutrivernetwork.org/mrba/index.html