Big Hole River Foundation

Presentation of the Organization

The Big Hole River Foundation was founded in 1988 by noted Montana conservationist, angler, and fly tier George F. Grant. The Big Hole River Foundation is a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to defending and conserving the natural and cultural resources of the Big Hole. Known for its blue-ribbon trout fishery, the Big Hole flows undammed for 150 miles. The river is home to the last native, self-sustaining wild population of fluvial Arctic grayling in the lower forty-eight states. Their projects and programs are supported by diverse interests. They work closely with local, state, and federal agencies; sportsmen organizations and conservationists. They fund their projects through their membership dues, donations, government grants, and private foundations.

Their mission is to conserve, enhance and protect the free-flowing character of the Big Hole River, its unique culture, fish and wildlife.


Big Hole River Foundation

P.O. Box 3894

Butte, Montana


United States of America



Resource Person(s)

Mike Bias, Executive Director