Clean Annapolis River Project (CARP)

Presentation of the Organization

The CARP is a charitable, community-based, non-governmental organization incorporated in 1990. Its mission is to enhance the ecological health of the Annapolis River watershed through science, leadership and community engagement.

Since 1990 CARP has developed several projects that address pertinent environmental issues in the Annapolis River watershed. These projects range from environmental monitoring to public education to habitat restoration to home assessment. Although the focus of the CARP mission is the improvement of the local environment, many of its projects have resulted in economic, societal and health related benefits and expand beyond the bounds of the watershed.


Clean Annapolis River Project

314 St. George Street

P.O. Box 395

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

B0S 1A0


Phone: 902-532-7533

Toll-Free number: 1-888-547-4344

Fax: 902-532-3038



Resource Person(s)

Monik Richard, Executive Director

Murray Freeman, President