Okanagan Basin Water Board (OBWB)

Presentation of the Organization

The OBWB was instituted in 1970 as a water governance body tasked with identifying and resolving critical water issues at the scale of the Okanagan watershed (8,000 km2 in area).

The OBWB's vision is to have a fully-integrated water system, meeting the needs of residents and agriculture while supporting wildlife and natural areas. The overall objective of the organization is to undertake strategic projects and programs at the Basin scale that meet the collective needs of Okanagan citizens for long-term sustainable water supplies while supporting the capacity of member jurisdictions to meet their own water management goals.

In 2006, the OBWB established the Okanagan Water Stewardship Council, a multi-stakeholder group which acts in an advisory role to the Board by providing independent science-based advice on water issues. The goal of forming this Council is to capitalize on local water management expertise to improve long term decision making - in light of current trends toward rapid growth, climate change and the uncertain water supplies.


Okanagan Basin Water Board

1450 KLO Road

Kelowna, British Columbia

V1W 3Z4


Phone: 250-469-6270

Fax: 250-762-7011

E-mail: anna.warwick.sears@obwb.ca

Website: http://www.obwb.ca

Resource Person(s)

Anna Warwick Sears, Executive Director

Stu Wells, President