Participation to the 6th MRCTI annual meeting

ROBAN | 2017-10-26 02:48:36

NANBO attended the 6th annual meeting of the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative (MRCTI), held the 12-14 September in St. Louis, Missouri (USA).

This event aimed to bring together all mayors from cities and towns situated alongside the Mississippi River willing to share knowledge, to build resilient communities and promote sustainable economic development in the region.The Mississippi river basin is the largest in North America, crossing dozen states and providing drinking water for millions of Americans. The river is also essential for the economic and tourism sectors.

The conferences were the occasion to raise awareness about the Mississippi River environmental issues and good water management practices among the mayors. Funding, grants and linking with potential investors were also key concerns of the participants.

In the context of the severe consequences of Harvey and Irma, the mayors held a press conference addressing the lack of funding in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the necessity to build better disaster recovery measures and grants for cities & towns, and the need to invest more in resilient infrastructure. MRCTI mayors concluded the press conference by signing a major agreement of partnership with CDP “ that will match Mississippi River resilience and sustainable economic development projects “ (see the press release here:

NANBO had the opportunity to meet mayors, NGO’s representative and investors willing to further sustainable development in the region to achieve more resilient cities and safeguard water resources the Mississippi River.

This meeting also allowed NANBO to renew MRCTI membership to the network. MRCTI and NANBO share the will to work closely together and common ambitions regarding the development of a deeper collaboration between North American basin organizations and will work closely together.


You can find more information about MRCTI here:


The MRCTI builds the capacity of member mayors, empowering them with the tools and support to undertake effective local initiatives which attract green jobs, move towards sustainable economies and achieve local environmental protection goals.