Participation to ROBVQ 19th "Rendez-vous des OBV"

NANBO | 2017-10-26 03:28:26

NANBO attended the 19th edition of the “Rendez-vous des OBV”, held in Quebec City in October 18-20. Thirty-nine Basins were gathered to share on biodiversity and threatened aquatic species.

This event allowed basin councils to discuss their priorities, to learn and share about threatened species in their watershed, but also to find solutions together through various workshops.  

Multiple panellist from basin councils, NGOs and federal and provincial environment related ministries insisted on the importance of data collection and information sharing.

ROBVQ also elected its first female president during the annual general assembly held on the last day of the event : Mrs. Caroline Brodeur, also Executive Director of the OBV de la Capitale.

Tackling the threats on biodiversity in Quebec watershed require a collective and concerted effort. The « 19th Rendez-vous des OBV » will surely boost knowledge and experiences sharing between the basin councils and will enhance co-operation within the network to find efficient solutions to better address the pressure on Quebec aquatic species.  

You can find ROBVQ press releases on the event here: