Canada as the Water Solutions Country: Defining the Opportunities


Title: Canada as the Water Solutions Country: Defining the Opportunities

Author(s): David Crane

Publication Date: 2013

Type of Document : Background Papers

Category: Water and Economy

Geographic area:

  • Canada




This next paper is designed to help frame and meaningfully advance a national conversation around Canada's opportunities to become a global leader in water sustainability and innovation. This includes the development and application of water-related «resources» - knowledge, business skills and ingenuity - to implement a winning strategy with respect to best management and use of water.

This paper is divided into three sections:

  1. An overview of the global water context and some of the opportunities and drivers for water innovation.
  2. A snapshot of current water strengths, capabilities, assets, key players, and gaps that need to be filled to engender innovation, based on a realistic look at our «bench strength».
  3. Next steps and key questions that warrant further discussion around becoming a water solutions country.

The intent of the following paper is not to provide exhaustive research or a concrete strategy. Rather, this paper is meant to focus dialogue around options for implementable strategies and stimulate action by elucidating Canada's opportunities.

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