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National Rivers and Streams Assessment 2008?2009. A Collaborative Survey

United States Environmental Protection Agency | 2013

EPA and its state, tribal, federal and other partners have completed the report highlighting the work on the first survey of the nation's rivers and streams (National Rivers and Streams Assessment, NRSA 2008-2009). This survey combines an assessment of the nation's rivers with the second national survey of small wadeable streams (Wadeable Streams Assessment (WSA)). Planning is also underway for the next survey of the nation's rivers and streams (NRSA 2013-2014).

This survey uses a random sampling design to provide regional and national estimates of the condition of rivers and streams. States and tribes use consistent sampling and analytical procedures to ensure that results can be compared across the country and over time. The NRSA is one of a series of surveys being implemented to periodically generate statistically-valid and environmentally relevant reports on the condition of the nation's water resources. These collaborative assessments are also intended to improve monitoring across jurisdictional boundaries and to...

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National Stakeholder Consultations on Water: Supporting the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Global Water Partnership | 2013

The purpose of the national stakeholder consultations on water was to listen to country needs and priorities regarding the post-2015 agenda for water and sustainable development. The consultations aimed to get the voice of stakeholders on water issues to obtain a deeper qualitative understanding of individual country priorities. The country level feedback adds practitioner value to the wider policy dialogues being undertaken by the United Nations and contributes to shaping potential sustainable development goals after 2015.

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