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Tools for Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments for Watersheds

Marc Nelitz, Samantha Boardley and Russell Smith | 2013

It is expected that the impacts of climate change on Canada?s water resources will be significant. Climate induced changes in precipitation and air temperature will lead to earlier timing of peak flows, greater frequency of flooding, and more extreme drought conditions. Changes in climate and the related impacts on terrestrial and freshwater environments will also affect nutrient cycling, stream temperatures, the distribution, concentration, and timing of contaminants, as well as the transport and concentrations of sediments in watercourses. Such changes are consequential to human communities and freshwater ecosystems and as a result social-ecological systems in Canada are ?vulnerable? to the effects of climate change.

This compendium of tools was prepared for use by technical experts, adaptation planners and resource managers...

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Twining charte

North American Network of Basin Organizations | 2015

Model of twining charter between basin organizations

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Twining guide - intended for watershed organizations

Marie-Ève Buist and Antoine Verville | 2015

The setting up of a twinning between basins is a process that should be well prepared and well grounded, requiring

openness for collaboration and flexibility from the partners. This Twinning Guide has therefore been specifically designed

to support the organizations from the conceptual phase throughout the twinning development process of the basins.

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