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50 Years of Hydro(geo)logical Mapping Activities

W.H. Gilbrich and W.F. Struckmeier in cooperation with A. Richts, K. Duscher, A. Günther, U. Philipp and P. Winter | 2014

The Report consists of three major parts, on

(1) Hydrological Maps, General Issues and Surface Water

Maps, on (2) Groundwater Maps, Tools and Results

and (3) the World-wide Hydrogeological Mapping

Assessment Programme WHYMAP.

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IWRM ToolBox

Global Water Partnership | 2013

The IWRM ToolBox is a free and open database with a library of background papers, policy briefs, technical briefs and perspective papers as well as huge sections of case studies and references in each tool.

These are all available for use by anyone who is interested in implementing better approaches for the management of water or learning more about improving water management at a local, national, regional or global level.

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